Weekly Linkage

This week’s internet cruising:

  • Seriously? – bitquabit

    [H]e identified the Three “P”s of entrepreneurship:

    'Profits, people and…you can figure it out.'

    [Muttering amongst the audience.]

    'Women. People, profits, and women. Or men. Whatever. People, profits, and women.'

    No, no. He really means "Profits, people, and pussy." That shit's not funny.

  • BBC World Service – Outlook, Neda Soltani: mistaken for a dead icon – Heard this story on NPR on an early, early morning drive to work. This was fucked up; it ruined her life in Iran and sent her fleeing to Germany to avoid (further) persecution by the Iranian government. Continue reading Weekly Linkage

Danglies and Double Flares

I’m still on this ear-gauging tip — with a recent sob story of trying to move from 6g (4 mm) to 4g (5 mm) after only 6 weeks, woo boy — but I still have lots of normal 18g (conventional) dangly jewelry.

I hate to let that sort of thing go to waste, so I bit the silliness bullet and tried putting one of my danglies in my second ear piercing:

My ear, with a dangly earring in my second piercing and a plug in my second.

Surprisingly less weird than I thought it’d be. I kinda like it. I felt a bit like a Bajoran.

Wittle 6g double flare plugsAfter my rather painful and bruising attempt to stretch to 4g this past weekend, I ordered myself a nice pair of $5 6g double flares (blue goldstone) to soothe my inner ferret while I wait out rehealing. They arrived today, and went in reassuringly easily, despite the slight remaining bruising from the weekend.

They look mostly like black dots to anyone not looking closely, but they’re a little glittery and don’t need any obnoxious o-rings.

I’m free! Free at last! …From o-rings, that is.

DragonCon, Morning One

No, I don’t think I’ll be posting an obnoxious sequence of posts on the minutiae of DragonCon. This my first visit, though, and I am sitting and waiting for my first panel, a Torchwood panel featuring John Barrowman and Kai Owen.

In some places, my schedule is 4-5 events wide on my calendar, where I haven’t yet decided which to do. Oy.


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