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Forever and a Year Ago Linkage

Don’t ask where I’ve been. It’s been dark and full of things like strangely proud “humble views”, polka dots and stripes, mock objects, skiing, the IRS, gradients, and a strange dampness.

Still not sure where the dampness is from.

Getting back into the swing of things, have some links!

So many shenanigans

Greg ran his second Promethean game tonight. It’s my first time in a bi-weekly campaign, and that combined with my fatigue and the newness means I’m having a hard time getting a grasp on my character. I picked an unusual character type for me (manic and ditzy, albeit smart… like a “blonde” Miles Vorkosigan), which means I have to keep reminding myself not to be the firm and common sensical (read: grumpy) “leader” I usually feel I need to be.

We have a nice, small gaming group, and it’s a group that I think I can be comfortable enough with to play a manic and ditzy character. Less urge to control the game flow in my usual way, because we’ll pretty shortly be a well-meshed team, I think.

I don’t have enough of an opinion on Promethean. I made the classic mistake of forgetting to write down short-, mid-, and long-term character [mechanical] growth goals (like, “get another dot of Dex, then get another dot of Firearms and that awesome transmutation”) when I made my character up, so 2 weeks later, when I have enough experience to buy some small things, I’ve forgotten what I thought was cool in the books and appropriate for my character.

I still have pictures and reflections on my Tampa trip to post. We spent a whole day at the beach(es) on that Saturday, resulting in my first-ever sunburn (ew, it peeled!). When I came back to work last Tuesday, I was hit with a big project (not mine originally) that needed some major triaging. Got that “done”… all this weekend. Muchos kudos to my awesome coworkers that pulled that off. I’m even less a fan of the Nascar race vendors (since our office is within spitting distance of the race track) than I was last year.

Having not had a weekend, I’m in great shape for my move to our (rented) house this weekend. I have nine entire boxes packed (read: not enough!), and am moving on Friday. I’ll be happily taking Friday off from work to get that move done. Packing will happen tomorrow night and Thursday (which I also hope to take off). Sleep will happen in June.

I haven’t run in 2 weeks and I ate like shit all weekend in the office. I don’t have breakfast food in my house. I haven’t written in about 2 weeks, and I don’t have the mips to do so this week. I don’t feel unproductive, though. It’s just that the productivity is not in “normal” stuff right now. Heightened sense of stress, but invigorating rather than paralyzing (with rare exception).

Definitely the busiest month I’ve had in a while. June should be smooth(er) sailing, though. New house, I get to learn how to use a push mower (as in, motorless), I’ll have some space from my cats, I’ll have a home office, and I’ll have a live-in cook to take care of mundane things like dinner (leaving me for the awesome things like cheesecake and cookie making).

Cats and wall hangings

Part of my quest for a gorgeous and comfy home includes wall hangings. Everything from posters to crochet work, I want them on my walls.

Unfortunately, my cats — most notably Jackie — have a problem with that. Nothing on the walls goes undisturbed by her if she can get to it. And, alas, all the wall space in my front rooms is accessible to her. She hangs off of them, bats them around, etc.

My parents had a set of mirrors they always put up in a style I loved. Three tall, slim mirrors in a descending path along the wall. Very stylish. But any mirror that size is going to have weight, and of all ways I’ve imagined killing my cats (especially on the nights when I first banned them from my bedroom), death-by-falling-mirror isn’t one I’d like to see happen, should I purchase such.

Likewise for any crochet work I might put up. It takes enough time to crochet such things that if I found it damaged by my cats, I might have to bust some caps in their little asses.

The internet hasn’t been helpful in figuring out a solution. A random cat-safety site says:

Tapestries and other wall hangings are very attractive to cats. If your cat has claws, she might try to tear objects off the wall and end up hurting herself. Try to remove these objects that tempt your cat.

Really? Because I’ve seen cat-owners’ houses with stuff on their walls. Nice stuff.

Anyway, I suppose this is a call for advice and/or guidance. The finally got the buggers off my desk and counters. Now I need them off my walls.