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Where am I?

So… I’m writing again, and partaking in a little summer writing project (coined “Hot Blog Summer”) with my partner Dr. Lucy. Good gravy, folks, the amount of plugin clean-up I had to do to get this and my next post out is wild. 😅 While I’m editing my first meaty post, here’s how you can find me these days:


I’m over at irrsinn.life/@melissa, posting about Beat Saber, other games I’m playing, a bit of social justice stuff, and tech. Come chat with me there. I really don’t spend much time on Twitter these days aside from Future Proof Games work and folks I get push notifications for.

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Tons of Videos!

Actually, like 3 videos. But they’re good ones! Plus a few miscellaneous links.

First, a video:

My question: Why can’t he pull out a chair? Turns out, home skillet has a bad back.

To offset that, a bit of cuteness: Maximumble – comic #594 – Ship. Mew.

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Jackie, WCF Service

Poor Jackie is currently having some flea problems, which means no curling up at the foot of the bed. This has added to everyone’s stress (especially hers), as I’ve had to kick her off the bed about every 20 minutes during the night.

On about the third night of this, I found myself having a very strange partly-waking dream: Jackie was, or was in charge of, a web service. If she couldn’t sit on the bed for a little while, she wouldn’t be able to focus enough to keep the service running, and then all the rest of us would be hosed.

Work has been stressful for me lately. Home has been stressful for me lately. I’m not sleeping well. This apparently manifests in cat-programmers.