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A Month of 5/3/1

Back in December, I ran across and fell in love with the idea of Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 program. After my weights arrived, I wasted no time crafting up a plan spreadsheet and getting rolling.

Again, wow.

As a refresher, the program focuses on four main lifts–military press, deadlift, bench press, and squat–one per day. Add assistance exercises around those to complete the workout.

Core Lifts

I’ve had to make some interesting adaptations over the month. I have no bench and no squat rack, so those are the two exercises I’ve had to be the most careful with. I hunted for a way to avoid learning how to do a power clean in order to do the squat, but I haven’t found a good way around it. And really, it’s not that bad (scary picture aside), although I still worry when the weights come off my chest a bit in the process of doing a front squat. I think my elbows aren’t high enough, resulting in a lower and less stable bar.

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Wednesday Weekly Winkage

Not, of course, limited to Wednesdays. Today just happens to be one. …Barely.

I shall open with a video of Nayna, my belly dance instructor, from a couple of months ago:

I’m somewhere off to the left, wishing I’d brought my own camera. This was after class, so I don’t feel bad about watching my instructor dance instead of dancing myself.

Setting up for 5/3/1

Have you gotten your recommended dosage of sexism lately?

I have.

I bought an ebook containing a very smart, simple, sensible weightlifting program, and in the process of reading it and surrounding articles, pushed my sexism meter about as high as it would go without me punching someone in the face.

Even if punching Jim Wendler would likely get me snapped in half. Look, the dude can bench press over 400 lb.

(Although I suppose that being able to bench 400 lb isn’t a true indicator of his infraspinatus strength, so he might not be able to just rip me in half…)

If you haven’t gotten your daily dosage of sexism, let me give you a hint as to the kind of advice you can expect from 5/3/1: The Simplest and Most Effective Training System to Increase Raw Strength:
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Weekly Linkage: Travel, Doctors, and Bat Wings

I spent a fair amount of last week (and all of this weekend) sick, so I spent very little time on the wibbles aside from work. Found a few fun tidbits, though:

Swimming: A New and Fun Sport

A lot of my mental energy recently has been focused around my injured shoulder (cool exercise discussion forthcoming!), but I’ve also been considering how to incorporate swimming into my workouts. I love swimming as a opposite to running–it’s much more upper-body intense, and doesn’t have all the impact. Seems like a deadly duo.

I haven’t really been a swimmer since I was a pre-asthmatic child, when I could do pretty much any stroke other than the breathing coordination-requiring freestyle, as well as all sorts of diving-esque things that make my lungs seize up in horror to even think of now. The new apartment has a nice little pool just long enough for short laps, though, and the water’s been wonderfully warm both times I’ve been in. The hours are lousy, alas: 10:00 to 20:00. No early morning swim.

As part of a wedding gift card, I even bought myself a swimsuit that’s both adorable and stays put when I swim.

My last one… didn’t. It tended to catch water in the chest area. And be buffeted around a bit. Eep.

Skill-wise, I’m limited to a doggie paddle now, although it’s not a bad doggie paddle. Actually, I’m pretty limited by the shoulder, too, but I’m still hoping that’s temporary. I can’t do any broad arm sweeps as a result of the cuff, which rules out a whole lot of the more official (and efficient!) strokes. I’ve got Swimming for Total Fitness on hold at the library so’s I can relearn what I’ve lost.

The pool’s often full of kids (making laps impossible), but I’m hoping now to leverage my new work-from-home Wednesdays to take a lunch break to swim. Unfortunately, I have a doctor’s appointment this Wednesday to check up on the numbness, which will eat into my swim time by my need to, you know, work. It’ll be a get-in-where-you-fit-in event this week, I guess.