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Simple Recipes for Tastiness

Joining the CSA last month has transformed our kitchen into a palace of happiness.

…Well, maybe not such a huge transformation. But we’re definitely cooking differently.

For instance, Greg now keeps stock bags: one contains the unwanted bits from vegetables (stems and ends and skins), another contains the bones (etc.) from chickens that we eat. These live in the freezer until we have need of a stock, and then are boiled into bliss to produce either veggie or chicken stock.

Having very little waste as a result of cooking greens or chard is pretty damn awesome.

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Weekly Linkage

There’s a bit of everything in week’s internet cruising:

Weekly Linkage: Healthcare, Midnight Deployments, and Markov Chaining

I’ve been all over The Incidental Economist lately, and it’s really hard not to link to every one of their posts that I can make heads or tails of. They’re really prolific by my standards, though, which means it’s a struggle to keep their posts from falling off the 30-day cut-off in Google Reader.