On Life and Love

First CSA Box: Yummy!

Our first CSA box from Know Your Farms:

We are so crunk about this week. The ham is staying in the freezer until next D&D game (two weeks), when I’ll crock pot it in cherry cola for tasty deliciousness for the guys. The meat shipment needs to last two weeks (if we don’t supplement from the store), but we’ll get more veggies next week.

The beets and radishes we may roast with some of the sweet potatoes. Greg doesn’t like beets and I haven’t liked radishes I’ve had in the past (typically on salad and weirdly emptily spicy). Interestingly, the beets are more beet greens than beets, so Greg and I are happy to play with that.

There’s also oregano, tomatoes, fresh eggs, strawberries (sorbet time!), and spring red onions in there.

We barely had a chance to sit yet and plan meals for the week with this, but I’m loving it already.


  • Imani

    Unrelated to lj, NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM. I am jealous, though we have fresh eggs coming out our ears due to the untiring efforts of Mom’s chickens. Chickens are actually disgusting, mean-spirited creatures of Doom, so I don’t recommend you ever getting any, though.

    Actually, I think you’d be really happy if you moved somewhere that you could put in a small kitchen garden. Lettuce and stuff is really easy to grow.

    • Melissa Avery-Weir

      But chickens are so cute! 😛 Actually, they’re kinda creepy. Greg and I have discussed getting a babydoll sheep as a lawnmower if we move onto a 1-2 acre tract of land. Issues with that include: 1) poop, 2) winter feeding, and 3) poop.

      I love the idea of having a kitchen garden, but I don’t know how much space it takes to garden an interesting amount of food, though. Ten feet by ten feet? Thirty by thirty?

      An update on my current hodge-podge setup is forthcoming, too. One of the orange seeds sprouted! I’m hoping it doesn’t get offended by being in a corn can. >_>

  • Jed Carty

    Imani has the right idea about chickens, they are truly evil. As for how big a garden you want really depends on how much time you want to put into it and how much you want from it. In a 10×10 plot with careful placement you could have most of what you would want. It would certainly not be enough to feed both you and Greg all the time but you could have strawberries when they are in season and grow your own herbs. And 10×10 is probably as big as you would want to have unless you want to devote a lot of time and effort to maintenance or want to have thing spread out more. Square foot garden should give you an idea of how much you can get into a small space, but if you have a permanent/semi-permanent place to live you would probably not want to use that method. The ‘interesting amount of food’ part comes from finding out which combination of plants to grow so you have something from the garden for most of the spring and summer. I will see about getting some pictures of the small garden dad has behind his house, which is probably similar to what you would want.

    • Melissa Avery-Weir

      The square foot gardening sounds exactly like what Greg’s been trying to finagle. He’s been looking for planters for patio/balcony/not-our-land gardening. I hadn’t thought about just building something from wood and segmenting the space carefully.

      I’ll admit, having 5+ pots/cans for all these seedlings now is getting a bit cumbersome… One box would be awesome.