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    Choosing the Unconventional Path

    Last year, Greg and I expanded the boundaries of our relationship pretty drastically. It went really badly, but has resulted in an immense amount of growth for me: I’ve never been so independent within this relationship, so free to say “no” and feel my feelings without justifying or suppressing them. And here you all probably thought I was kick-ass assertive 24/7.

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    Sims 2 — hits all the right spots

    Having a game dork for an SO means that I’m always analyzing what I like and don’t like about games, and if I can’t figure it out in a repeatable enough manner, I ask him. Sims 2 might be my favorite game. Like, ever. It’s nearly impossible to lose, it consists of endless construction (of the people-sort, not the stuff-sort), and the replayability is redunkulous. So I bought myself Sims 2 and pre-ordered Sims 3 this weekend. And promptly lost my weekend in a bright purple world. I love purple. I’m hoping that Sims 3 fixes the time issues that Sims 2 has. You know, the issues where you can’t…