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New Witches story: “Blackout”

After entirely too long a hiatus, I have a new Witches story/chapter ready.

There’s no good excuse for the lapse aside from the heartbreak of leaving my job of two years and the stress of starting in a new position. An amicable departure and happy beginning, but stressful nonetheless.

Hardi and Robert’s journey continues in “Blackout“:

“There will be some changes to your travel plans,” Captain Relburn stated. “Given the incident with Ms. Bran, commercial travel obviously isn’t going to work.”

He continued, “To that end, we’re putting you on the J.M.S. Merriweather, bound for Beta. It boards in three quarters of an hour and should get you to Beta in two days.”

“Wow,” Robert said. “Suddenly, we’re high-profile.”

Greg pointed out that these read much more like chapters than a series of shorts, and I agree. So they’re now officially chapters of a serialized… novella, I guess.

“Ensuring Safety” posted

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted a story. No good excuse other than “what in the hell happened to my life?”. “Ensuring Safety” follows the Transhuman Congress story “Expanding Borders“. It’s probably a good idea to (re)read the first part before jumping into the second part.


I took a deep breath and dialed the number.

“Theodore Sbili?” said a soft voice that — I’d have sworn — chittered. There was something insectoid about the voice, a little click under the words.

“That’s me,” I said slowly.

“Breached defenses” posted

Back to Witches this week for “Breached defenses“:

Hardi blinked. “I think I’m done here,” she muttered as she stood with her tray. “Have a good day, Dr. Yuk.”

“Robert,” he said around another mouthful of food, “and it really helps if you soften the ‘u’. Make it just a bit more like ‘yook’ than ‘yuck’.”

Hardi looked down at him. “Yuk,” she said, trying it out as he suggested.

“Yup,” he said with a nod. “See, it’s much less interesting that way. You’ll be bored with ‘Yuk’ and onto ‘Robert’ soon.” He grinned impishly.

This is part three of the Witches series.

Another story series started

Whoo. If you can believe it, I’m starting up a second story series, tentatively titled “The Witches of Ming Ung“, which will be published on Wednesdays. Transhuman Congress will continue to be published on Saturdays.

“Witches” is a fixed-length series, so it won’t just be me splashing around in a pool of gooshy artificial intelligences. It’s science fiction, like TC, but in a different ‘verse and with a different feel. It’s a journey with a beginning and an end.

The first baby is called “First sight“:

She hit the streets running, heading out of her tiny town, out into the desert. She ran straight towards Hun and Han, both heavy and pale blue in the eastern sky.

She felt herself slowing down as the eastern horizon began to lighten. She glanced back to see how far she’d come and felt her vision skew painfully as she turned.

She was suddenly in a mob, her feet barely on the ground as she was pushed and shoved with the mass of bodies. She coughed convulsively, lungs burning with heat and smoke. Her hand gripped Layla’s relentlessly as the crowd moved them away from the building, the explosion and the fires. She couldn’t lose her daughter in this crowd. She couldn’t, or she’d never find her again.