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“Surgical Strike” posted

As promised last week, I have another Transhuman Congress story up, called “Surgical Strike“:

Sirpa waved a hand at the monitor. “We are adaptable.”

“I can see that…” Harold said slowly with narrowed eyes. “Can I have your name?”

“Not yet,” Sirpa said, moving her lips in a facsimile of a smile. Harold didn’t smile with her/us. “We aren’t human, Harold, however much you want us to pretend to be. We have no ‘humanish mannerisms’ other than what we learned when we woke five months ago. This specific physicality is not tightly bound to our existence as your body is.”

I went back to my “Lina” characters this week, complete with their fun she/they/us verbiage.

“Reshaping the landscape” posted

I wrote a piece of flash fiction last week called “Reshaping the Landscape” that I’ve published here at irrsinn.net tonight:

“Flat landscapes for better visibility,” they claimed. “Safer all around,” they claimed. Bullshit.

“It’s my landscape!” she shouted down behind her. “You can’t have it!”

Writing this has spawned a whole set of ideas in this same ‘verse. A lot of the ideas concern what a “person” is, what essential rights people have, how subjugated people make their own culture and identity, etc. especially as pertains to artificial intelligence. I also want to use this to experiment with letting a universe emerge from a set of short/flash stories (as opposed to the careful planning that goes into, say, a novel).

I’ve got a second story half-way done and a list of ideas as long as my arm.