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Cars. With Coffee.

Mark K.Charlotte is a city cool enough to have a Cars and Coffee event monthly. As the weather gets colder, the turnout seems to be reducing, but I went this weekend and had a blast.

I’m not very knowledgeable about the innards of cars, but courtesy of C&C, I’m learning. M.K. (and the friend of his I met this weekend) is more than happy to pontificate on the differences between the LS3 and LS4 engines, as well as the pros and cons of an M-series BMWs vs. the more tedious 1-series. I’m happy to absorb it all–even in the cold–with the comfort of my home-brewed coffee.

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Forever and a Year Ago Linkage

Don’t ask where I’ve been. It’s been dark and full of things like strangely proud “humble views”, polka dots and stripes, mock objects, skiing, the IRS, gradients, and a strange dampness.

Still not sure where the dampness is from.

Getting back into the swing of things, have some links!

Weekly Linkage: Games, Books, and People

This week’s internet cruising:

Two weeks’ linkage, ah, ah, ah

For two weeks’ worth of links, there aren’t very many. Then again, I do still have 173 unread items in Google Reader.

Quasi-daily linkage