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Good news du jour. Also a little on the state of the union.

It’s actually good news “du” last night, but I don’t feel like being grumpy at my schedule this early in the quarter, so we’re saying it was for today.

Barring a minor catastrophe, Lissa-love–that’d be me–is going to L.A. during Spring Break. Yes, for the entirety of the first full week of April, I will be seeing beaches and sand and possibly San Fran/Bay Area/Stanford area. I most likely won’t even bother to buy a swimsuit, but I am hella excited about the chance to go running on the beach. The sand should be killer on my calves.

I’m almost afraid to mention how I’m going on this trip, lest I receive an e-mail asking me to remove said details (he’s notorious for doing this), but I’ll do it anyway. Javid (and family) is/are providing the transportation and accomodations for five of us (including Adam and two other basement (?) dwellers) to hang out there and chillax.

Depending on how much independence I have if/when I get to the San Fran area, I may be meeting a certain blogger-type and his SO for coffee, which would make my first meeting of an “Internet person” (and a cool one, to boot). Like, you know, he’s not real and only exists on the Internet. Which, I suppose, one could easily argue that given that my only perception of him is through weblogs and IMs, he sort of does only exist on the Internet [with regards to me]…

On to the state of the union. I had dinner with the Wonderful Miss Amelia Mae yesterday, and I felt like I was doing my best to avoid doomsday-predicting about the quarter. I don’t want to say anything too harsh about my professors yet, you know, for fear that it turns out to be true. I feel like if I don’t start in as optimistic a mode as possible, the work and the winter and the mental/thinking stuff and the not-great physical health will combine to make my quarter as or more unpleasant than the last.

So I’m not thinking about my material belongings remaining packed in boxes by a moving company for, most likely, the next two and half years. Or whatever school dilemmas I can dream up. Or the social ones. Or the employment ones. Or the Thorn transitioning, which will take place this quarter–and it looks like I’ll be doing ad management on top of news editing and editor-in-chiefing. Honestly, if we can’t get a replacement sports or entertainment editor, I’ll just scrap the damn pages fall quarter until I can recruit sufficiently–a four page paper that J. and I can manage all ourselves.

A core Thorn staff of two, one even flakier than the other. How the mighty have fallen. What will we ever do with our ten free pizzas a week, assuming we can keep our contract with said pizza company?

Strangely, what has made things seem better has been the story-writing, which I wouldn’t have expected. I’m not a terribly creative person; whether it’s an underdeveloped creativity muscle or a genuine lack of a knack, I’ve always shied away from creative writing assignments in school–my imagination tends to produce things not fit for public consumption.

But with a little password protection, it doesn’t have to be for public consumption, and although I didn’t meet my 25k word count goal for November (ah, well), those four days spent working on the story became the focal point and most revitalizing part of my vacation. I came back (shh, don’t tell the EICs) thinking pleasant thoughts about the Thorn, which is a first for this year, honestly, and looking to have all sorts of fun with my hummer this term, although it will probably fall to a low spot on my priorities with all the group projects in the CS classes. I guess I’m just feeling more balanced all around.

So maybe carving a chunk out of my weekends to write a little… Decompression and all that. Combined with the fact that I think I can actually do workouts regularly during the week this term (and given my loss of conditioning–a four miler at a snail’s pace was a struggle the whole time today–this is going to become a must if I hope to be able to run on the beach in April).

A last note, before an early bedtime: during a chat with George, I got a good link: “Rural Route“, an article by Mara Levy.

Okay, one more thing: I’d never visited Nerve before, and I glanced at the horoscopes before leaving:

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

The sweet smell of Christmas is right around the corner; it’s time to figure out who’s been naughty, who’s been nice, who should get a little ass-slappin’ and who should just get slapped. Heads up: Miss Mental Clarity will squeeze her cherubic ass down your fireplace on Wednesday, so if you’re going to make a list, Wednesday’s the day to do it. On Thursday, spend a few extra hours shopping online (Miss Mental Clarity HATES the mall) for your most deserving bedmate. If you’re single or don’t have any naughty people to shop for, treat yourself to a bulging sex drawer.

Too funny… I love being a Scorpio; we always get the good horoscopes.

Funny quiz, but the results are a secret…

The Ultimate Purity Exam is worth taking just to laugh at the questions and the way they’re worded.

I’m not posting the entirety of my scores for the sake of… well, quite frankly, it’s no one’s damn business, but my total score was 86.19% pure (72.7% average). Given that the categories are “Self-Lovin'”, “Shamelessness”, “Sex Drive”, “Straightness”, “Gayness”, and “Fucking Sick”, I’ll leave that open to conjecture as to what I’m hiding.

Not that I keep secrets. It’s just that the questions are (reasonably, I supposed) based on experience, rather than projections, which leaves my results kind of… skewed in an unexpected direction (ah, the things you forget until something weird reminds you…). I did save the results, though, because the author’s little automated comments for my scores are ridiculously funny…

So Luke made the mistake of pointing me to another blog…

…and this time I caught myself before posting a blog-in-a-comment.

Mel-Anon wrote a witty entry: “The best of both worlds”. That has me pondering dating and all that stuff that might follow.

The author (Ken? couldn’t find an about page) wrote: “I have a feeling this is going to come out sounding really awkward, but I’m going to try and say it anyway. I have a rather self-defeating attraction to independent, self-sufficient women. […] I say that it is self-defeating since it is naturally those kind of people who don’t feel any additional pressure to have a significant other, let alone sad old me.”

As (I guess…) one of those independent, moderately self-sufficient women, I’ll second the commenter Parke–the “don’t want to be a constant crutch” thing works both ways. Supportive is good, role-playing a prosthesis device is not.

(It’s strangely coincidental that that would come to my attention now, because I’ve been looping Everything But the Girl’s “Protection” for the past five or six days. Damn good song.)

I guess I’m not sure why the attraction to stand-up women is self-defeating. If you’re equally independent and self-sufficient, that sounds like it would be damn attractive to an equally independent woman; see above about crutches. Maybe I’m the weirdo (which is distinctly possible), but when I think marriage, I think “partner”, implying a balance of strengths and weaknesses, not “one person [either gender] dominating the relationship and the money and the kids and etc.” Should there be kids. Kids are eViL, though. Particularly kids with genes from either of the two families I represent.

I’ve seen the various ways that balance can fall–in some relationships, the women do dominate in most of the aspects of life that outsiders see. In others, it’s the man. I watch couples–aunts and uncles, my parents, my friends’ parents, curious as to what their balance is (or, again, what it seems to be to outsiders), and, quite frankly, I think I’d chaff if I found myself in any of their positions.

Guess it’s a good thing I don’t marry within the family or link up with my friends’ parents, I suppose.

Every once in a while, though, I see and experience what I think would be a good balance; I don’t know that I can put words to it, because although lists of things like “willing to do dishes”, “can cook basic foods”, and “don’t ignore their spawn” are amusing and sound reasonable, they’re also just reactions to what I don’t like about others, and I’m still not a fan of affirmation by negation (caused me some trouble in DISCO, that). I can pick out most of the elements from my better friendships with men and I try to study that, too. There’s obviously some reason I “click” with them, and I usually want to know why that is. I tend not to share, of course, because as soon as you start talking like that, people start thinking the “attraction” is on a sexual level and then they start harboring that suspicion that you’re lusting after their hot, sexy bod and things get really awkward and you find yourself wishing you’d just giggled your way out of the conversation and endured whatever torture was given out as punishment for your silence.

Ahem. So…

What does this have to do with the Mel-Anon guy and his attraction to manhandling women (kidding, kidding)? Absolutely nothing. But things are sort of falling together in my mind of what I want. Whether I’ll get it is a completely different question/issue, but theorizing can be enlightening, nonetheless, I suppose.