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Good news du jour. Also a little on the state of the union.

It’s actually good news “du” last night, but I don’t feel like being grumpy at my schedule this early in the quarter, so we’re saying it was for today.

Barring a minor catastrophe, Lissa-love–that’d be me–is going to L.A. during Spring Break. Yes, for the entirety of the first full week of April, I will be seeing beaches and sand and possibly San Fran/Bay Area/Stanford area. I most likely won’t even bother to buy a swimsuit, but I am hella excited about the chance to go running on the beach. The sand should be killer on my calves.

I’m almost afraid to mention how I’m going on this trip, lest I receive an e-mail asking me to remove said details (he’s notorious for doing this), but I’ll do it anyway. Javid (and family) is/are providing the transportation and accomodations for five of us (including Adam and two other basement (?) dwellers) to hang out there and chillax.

Depending on how much independence I have if/when I get to the San Fran area, I may be meeting a certain blogger-type and his SO for coffee, which would make my first meeting of an “Internet person” (and a cool one, to boot). Like, you know, he’s not real and only exists on the Internet. Which, I suppose, one could easily argue that given that my only perception of him is through weblogs and IMs, he sort of does only exist on the Internet [with regards to me]…

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Funny quiz, but the results are a secret…

The Ultimate Purity Exam is worth taking just to laugh at the questions and the way they’re worded.

I’m not posting the entirety of my scores for the sake of… well, quite frankly, it’s no one’s damn business, but my total score was 86.19% pure (72.7% average). Given that the categories are “Self-Lovin'”, “Shamelessness”, “Sex Drive”, “Straightness”, “Gayness”, and “Fucking Sick”, I’ll leave that open to conjecture as to what I’m hiding.

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So Luke made the mistake of pointing me to another blog…

…and this time I caught myself before posting a blog-in-a-comment.

Mel-Anon wrote a witty entry: “The best of both worlds”. That has me pondering dating and all that stuff that might follow.

The author (Ken? couldn’t find an about page) wrote: “I have a feeling this is going to come out sounding really awkward, but I’m going to try and say it anyway. I have a rather self-defeating attraction to independent, self-sufficient women. […] I say that it is self-defeating since it is naturally those kind of people who don’t feel any additional pressure to have a significant other, let alone sad old me.”

As (I guess…) one of those independent, moderately self-sufficient women, I’ll second the commenter Parke–the “don’t want to be a constant crutch” thing works both ways. Supportive is good, role-playing a prosthesis device is not.

(It’s strangely coincidental that that would come to my attention now, because I’ve been looping Everything But the Girl’s “Protection” for the past five or six days. Damn good song.)

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