Whip it! Whip it good! – A Nerdy Post

Sorry for the eighties flashback (which are, apparently, considered bad by some… I love the music, personally), but I just whipped Gnus into shape. It is now reading and posting mail on the Rose IMAP server, and playing along well with my dummy POP3 account. I’ve been working on this damn thing for two days, and finally got it working fully (minus scoring) about an hour ago.

Why Gnus? I don’t like the Webmail solution used by Rose–it’s slow. I also don’t like Outlook, because it’s even slower (that slowness was what prompted me to switch to Webmail a few months back). I had fun with Gnus in my previous experience with it, and the challenge of setting it up was all a part of the fun.

I had a bit of trouble finding the relevant Windows version of XEmacs–I finally got lucky, it seems, with one particular FTP server I surfed. Installation of that went smoothly, and I found myself immersed in the world of meta keys (Alt) and nested parentheses, for the first time since I gave up my old laptop running Mandrake. I immediately set about making a config file.

Getting the Rose IMAP server to cooperate was sheer hell, simply because of my own stupidity. Silly me for thinking that a lack of “file not found” error didn’t mean that the file trying to be executed (OpenSSL – needed to simply login to the server) wasn’t there. In other words, I really should have obeyed the first USENET post I found and installed Cygwin, with installs not only OpenSSL, but a bash shell, and my “favoritest” command-line, um, command of all: ls. I don’t know how many times I’ve typed “ls -al” when I needed to type “dir”… At any rate, once I got the PATH straightened out, all was peachy keen on logging in, although I still can’t get Gnus won’t pull my Kerberos password from .authinfo (but it will get my username). But that’s relatively important.

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Hello, Mr. Penis. My name is Lissa. – A random conversation

Bridget and I were getting ready for bed a couple of nights ago, oddly enough, at the same time, and Bridget began to tell me about this “weird” sex advice show on late-night Oxygen. Apparently, some poor guy had called in, expressing surprise at the idea that uncircumsized men (which he was) have to do extra, ah, cleaning. Now Bridget, being a good little Catholic girl, was expressing disgust with the show in general, which is (according to her) presided over by an elderly lady that liked to give odd advice.

My response? “You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an uncircumsized penis. Well, I’ve never seen a penis of any kind in person, not on a computer screen or something, but I don’t get an immediate mental picture of what an uncircumsized penis looks like.”

Bridget, bless her blonde soul, says, “You know, I’ve never met one either–“

“Wait. Never met one? Is that like, ‘Hello, Mr. Penis, my name is Bridget’? Oh, dear. Does that come accompanied with a handshake, or what?” Insert mad giggling. Hey, it was way after my bedtime.

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Violins, pretty voices, and nice beats

Last night, I watched the first couple of hours of Mohabbatein, a Hindi love story, and oh-my-damn I must acquire that soundtrack. The movie is very… Grease-esque (actually, that’s a bit harsh), with lots of sappiness and singing and dancing and macho-tough-looking guys and beautiful girls whose personalities match perfectly the guys that want them, but it really is rather… sweet. Besides, I’m a complete sucker for some violin, and Shahrukh Kahn’s character was putting a killing on it. Based on a simple Google/Amazon search, though, that soundtrack is going to be ridiculously hard to find. A., the chick who brought the movie over for us to watch, suggested going to an Indian music store in Indianapolis or Chicago. I’ll be dragging her along if I go, that’s for certain–I’m not even sure I know how to correctly pronounce the name of the movie, and walking into a store and saying, “I’m looking for the soundtrack to this,” while holding up a slip of paper with the title of the movie on it just sounds silly.

[Listening to “Holding Back the Years” [Randy Crawford / Naked and True]]

A couple more tidbits

Cuz I’m an idjit that forgot some stuff in the last one, although some are today news. Nothing so funny as the “sausagefest” bit, I’m afraid. I do wish I had a video to post of the Thorn guys separating at my sausagefest suggestion–I’ve never seen guys move so damn fast.

An e-mail to the Old Man
Dear Dr. Car Guy,

A trip to Wal-Mart this morning brought to my attention the rather rough idle of my babydaddy, Johhny. Even after about an hour of driving, the idle was rough (although it settled down immediately if I put the car in neutral, of course), and, in fact, the idle seemed to get slightly rougher the longer I drove. It didn’t stall (nor did that seem much of a threat–the idle wasn’t that rough), but it was definitely not smooth. It was also, however, 16 degrees Fahrenheit outside, although the car did eventually warm up (but the windshield washer fluid never un-froze :-P). Gas was good, brakes were good, and there were no odd sounds while driving. Was this just the cold weather, maybe the way I was driving (got up to 50 mi/h before the engine was really warm), or is my babydaddy just showing his age?

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Bursts of Life

I don’t feel like expounding on anything at length, but didn’t want to make 15 short little entries for links, etc., so in little bursts:

Process of the Creation of a 1200-Word English Essay, particularly for Dr. Foofoo McKnuckleberry

  1. T minus 10 hours: think of a couple of ideas for a thesis. It doesn’t need to be at all original. This should take about 2 minutes. Recommence previous activities.
  2. T minus 5 hours: start writing the intro paragraph. Get good thesis sentences down, all the while marking up poem/book with (hopefully) relevant examples thought up without extensive research/thought. Unless already hit with inspiration (un-fucking-likely) don’t worry about significance of argument yet.
  3. T minus 4 hours: form a nebuluous idea of essay structure. How much post-intro information will there be before heading into the actual points to be proven, and what format will be taken for the actual argument? Continue marking up any brainstormed examples.
  4. T minus 3.75 hours: write post-intro information–explain briefly what is really almost being taken as given, and make sure too many assumptions aren’t being made.
  5. T minus 3.25 hours: head into actual essay, having already killed over 300 words. Oh, yeah.
  6. T minus 1 hour: probably about 400 words left. Write the conclusion. There’s 100 gone. Break time. Read through what’s written and check for wording problems, spelling problems, unclarity. Further analyze an example–beat the shit out of it. Even out length of analysis all-around. Remember, paragraphs probably shouldn’t just end with a quote, no matter how hard-hitting–profs like it better if you quote, then explain, instead of presenting the idea, then quoting.
  7. T minus 0.5 hours: probably about 200 words left. Skim the examples from the book/poem in context, and… blam. A lucky-as-hell bit of inspiration that never fails and adds a connection not seen during class discussion, and will nudge the grade above 90%. Make this the thread that weaves the whole essay together, linking arguments/examples/paragraphs. All grade problems now will be due to presentation, not argument.
  8. T minus 0.25 hours: update thesis declaration to reflect the newfound actual importance of the original argument. Skim again for errors. Submit.

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