Once again, here I go.

What I thought was a done situation is apparently not. I got a nice accusation of “character defamation” today.

So once again, I’m on the Roommate Situation. Call it ass-covering, call it punking out, call it simple clarification, but those who read and made conclusions and have thoughts on the matter would do well to listen up, hopefully just this once more.

This includes members of Rose-Hulman’s administration, who will undoubtedly receive this post if they aren’t checking my blog themselves. I may even send it along myself.

The orders of business for the evening are 1) clarifying some things that were unclear in the conclusion of the story and 2) clarifying both my current [vs. past] understanding of the situation.

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Intellectual Whores and the “Ladder Theory” of male/female interaction.

I’ve only gotten through the Why’s and What’s of “intellectual whores”, but my brain has already been ripped open and prodded with a red-hot poker. So many things are quotable and are making me question my friendships with various men.

There are so many things I want to write in response to just the little I’ve read, but I’m strangely incoherent on the issue.

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Guilt by association?–A direct reply too long for a comment.

The former suitemate: “People Hate Me!

Minds draw connections. When two people stand together on one side of an issue, as evidenced by publicly posted commentary, rhetoric, and poetry, is it farfetched for people to draw connections? Is it completely absurd for such hostility to be seen and to not be linked with the issue at hand?

Whether or not the roommate and suitemate were involved in the vandalism (which it would seem they were not, and this has been known this since Sunday), they were [seemingly] involved in the alienation of Mae. That evidence, which I am aware of but was not directly involved with, is for Mae to present and handle.

My feelings toward people that would attempt to drive a studious roommate out of her room, when the living arrangement was apparently made under the agreement that there would be much studying? Toward people that would not listen to reason on the issue of the strength of a deck whose design had been weight-bearing tested by an architect, and turned this into a reason for continuous conflict? Toward someone that would play music out loud at their roommate’s bedtime, breaking a basic common-decency roommate rule? Towards someone that would make excuses for unstable behavior when there seems to be a real problem [of some sort] to be addressed there?

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Bomb shell. What is it about Tuesdays?

My cousin, Jordy, undoubtedly my favorite, closest cousin, was in a car wreck a couple of days ago.

Ten percent of his basketball-player’s lungs, gone. Surgery on his legs on Thursday. A concussion.

I can only imagine the state my aunt and ex-uncle are in. I may have to secure a calling card to call my aunt to get more medical details my mother can’t relate.

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