On Life and Love

How many apologies are enough…

… when you accidently punch your friend in the nuts? It’s not like I meant to, but he attempted to tickle and I thrashed because I didn’t want to be tickled. (Actually, I tend to thrash even when I don’t mind being tickled, but this time I really didn’t want to be tickled.) The next thing I know, his face was contorted and really red and he was cussing and seemed to be having serious trouble breathing and I wondered if I should begin to fear for my life (or his).

I’ve been told that sort of thing is really, really painful, so I immediately apologized, of course. Profusely, even. Right in parallel with his steady stream of cuss words were my horrified I’m-sorrys. And I meant them.

Even so… it was kinda, sorta, just a wee little itty bit funny… I mean, someone whose stubbornness and persistence is second to none just stopped. And his face looked like a tomato, I swear. If he hadn’t been violently slamming his fist into the couch beside him (with me still within arm’s reach), I’d have probably laid out and laughed for just a couple of seconds…

Now, I may be a sadistic bitch, but he [almost?] deserved it, given our too-loud argument in Kroger’s just an hour or two previous to that.

I’m still sorry I punched him in the nuts, but, you know, all things in perspective, right? Right.

(And where was Dr. 7’s camera when we needed it? A picture would have been worth a thousand words in this case.)

Edit: Speaking of nut injuries: EJ‘s post about singers clubbed in the nuts with a bag of ice seems funnily relevant… (Yeah, so I’m way behind on reading—what, you think I’m just kidding about this school shit?


  • Mathias Bynens

    Awww, that sounds painful. Poor, poor Luke!

    I’ve been told that sort of thing is really, really painful […]

    Believe me, it is.

    But indeed, a picture would’ve been nice 🙂