On Life and Love


All sound exiting my laptop exits slightly slower (and at a lower tone, like a Doppler shift) than it should. At first I thought it was the dublab stream on the blitz, but it sounds odd in any application or with any file type. So I shall be submitting my laptop to my own place of employment tomorrow later for a replacement sound card, methinks. <edit>Or not. The problem has ceased…</edit>

I think I shall spend Saturday night (my only non-statically allocated time this weekend) blogging, reading blogs/sites, and writing e-mails to make up for my lack of real human contact and updates since last Sunday. This week was long and unfun. This weekend shall be longer and more unfun. The nice thing about winter, however, is that I’m just bummed enough to be able to work efficiently (read: I don’t crave social interaction), but I’m not so whacked out that I can’t work for extended amounts of time with extraordinary focus and I can avoid thinking it’s the end of the world that I need to put in a few long hours.

Okay, so it’s a lot of long hours, I am wearing down, and I’ll be happier when Alicia Keys’ “Harlem’s Nocturne” resumes playing at its beautifully racy pace, but as long as I’m capable of keeping my own counsel (read: not crying on anyone’s shoulder), it’s all gravy.

Now if I can do better than “passable” in class and at work for the next five weeks, I’ll be set…

And Thorn elections nominations are next week. Yay.


  • Luke

    Hehe, Saturday night…we may be having movie night depending on how much we each accomplish on senior project. 😉

  • Lissa

    Um, are you asking me if I’d like to give up my “me time” for “we time”? ‘Cause it sounds like you’re making a statement there, Sir.

    And we know good and well two things are going to happen. 1) You probably aren’t going to get terribly far with the senior project, particularly given the activities you’re going to be engaging in this evening. 2) You’re going to attempt to have movie night anyway. You and Dr. 7 miss me too much. It’s the semi-sweet dark chocolate, is all. 😛

    And since Andrea is worried enough about my state of mind to be inviting me to a party-esque thing she’s throwing in her room on Saturday night, I may be a contrary biz-natch and just work all night. 😀 Test my productivity capabilities. *shrug*