On Life and Love

Damn. Even my father’s asking why I don’t update.

I am riding a wave of efficiency while it lasts. Things are coming together to permit me to work for hours without cease on everything from my programming projects to discrete math, and quite frankly, I’d be a fool to use that energy here when it’s so needed and actually usable elsewhere.

Call this my winter hibernation. I will be back in more force in the spring.

I’m following good, healthy advice and doing my best to make everything school-related as fun and interesting as possible. I spent eleven-plus hours in our Operating Systems lab yesterday with my team. I knocked out about 90% of my portion of the project, which is a hella good feeling. Now, despite the fact that I was fighting with C and its damn seg faults all day, I had a lot of fun.

I had less fun, admittedly, trying to finish my project for the soul-sucking Fundamentals III class. We didn’t finish. Maybe 30%. Twenty-four hours after it was originally due. I’m kind of disappointed in my performance in that class, although I feel like I’m learning a hell of a lot. I can’t work much harder in there, though, or else I’d fail everything else.

Discrete math is… discrete math. I need to spend about seven good hours studying for my upcoming exam (grade-wise, I need to blow it out of the water), but I have managed to get a fairly good in-class understanding of the material. Now I just need to make sure I can recognize what to apply when there’s no big section heading on top of the page. Generalize and all that.

Contemporary Latin America is awesome as usual, although I feel big pangs of shame when I catch myself dozing in class. There are only four students in there, and I’m undoubtedly the most vocal and interested; the other guys can’t stand the reading or the material. But, but… it’s Latin America. It’s like Russia: utterly fascinating history.

Research has picked up. Dr. M wants me to speak at the Butler Undergrad Research Conference in April. Um, whoa. We’ll see.

Back to the grind. Lunch, then Fundamentals work until tonight, then DISCO studying for Tuesday. At least I have good music. (It irks me that not all the DJs give the songs they play, though, because Simon James’ Best of 2004 set has me hooked, and I know of none of the songs. Contact info would be awesome.)


  • Lissa

    I’m going to have to catch the show again to try to get his AIM/e-mail addy, but he’s British, so it’s heard to understand what he says. *shrug*