Bad, bad linkage

I know I’m all silent and stuff. Work and drama at work is keeping me occupied, along with all the other little things that fill up a life.

Today I have linkage, however. Dr. 7 introduced me to tonight, which is a repository of too-funny IRC chat quotes. Warning, they are vulgar. They are immature. They are not for the kids. (To read the top 100, click “Top 100” in the top left area.) Some of my favorites:

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The wolverine and the coyote

Dr. 7 is back and is helping make life… interesting.

Last night, he sat in my room and talked to me, and my remaining vestiges of propiety and politeness (such as they are, yes) dictated that I pay him a semblance of attention. Combined with the time I spent working out, I got a measly 500 words written last night, no work done at all, and only six hours of sleep to get even that done.

He’s also, however, lurking and smirking around the workplace, and I haven’t felt so damn uncomfortable since I first started working here at the beginning of last school year. I don’t know yet if my solution to this will be internal or external. Internal would probably be best.

Other than that, life is much the same. I’m still anti-social and I’m still obsessed with writing. I think I hosed my Sexy Linux Box a minute ago, and I know that if I don’t ask for help, I’ll end up spending all fucking afternoon trying to fix it, which is not work done on other things that are more visible in terms of progress. Why can there not be a clear, useful, comprehensive guide for setting up AFS with Kerberos and LDAP?

The pride thing is back, though, so I figure I’ll be spending this afternoon and evening fixing the SLB, and the remainder of the night making up the hours I didn’t get concrete work done.

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The other beast emerges

About Wednesday, I slipped into a weird mood that I haven’t felt in months, thanks to the stress of school. It’s my weird “work hard, play hard” mood that brings with it an unimaginable focus.

Right now, my mind is set on about four things. Two of those are work-related, one is writing. None are social, unfortunately, so socializing for me has hit the back burner–if I don’t have a purpose for talking to you (be it technical or otherwise), I probably won’t spare many mips for discussion. Alas, this meant IMs and e-mails have gone largely unanswered this weekend, that I’ve been the antithesis of soft and warm (although not bitchy–just… focused), and that I have short shrift for what I perceive as listlessness, [excessive] frivolousness, or blockades to me working.

I don’t even have the good grace to feel bad about being anti-social right now. Ugh.

Since Friday night at 23:00, however, I have written 10k words of fiction in the form of a couple of short stories, and I have seeds for about three more. None of these will be published, but I may pick up some publishable stuff soon.

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Boo boo!

Today I finished securing my Sexy Linux Box (TM) as much as I probably will. The Sexy Linux Box is a desktop in my office that has been converted to a RedHat Linux pseudo-webserver for me to work with (not related to podcasting). Well, there’s nothing “pseudo” about it except that it’s locked down enough to not be visible or accessible from the outside world.

Setting up and securing the box was pretty damn easy, despite the fact that N. and the Bronz-E One both wailed about the fact that I would have to learn iptables. I got to work early this morning, read the relevant background info on firewalls and iptables syntax, and N. and I had the firewall set up within 15 – 20 minutes, probably, not counting extraneous chit chat.

The rest of the day was spent tinkering with the Apache server (Michael, remind me to chat with you about setting up that beast of yours…) to make it do exactly what I want it to do.

All day was search, tweak, reload, search, tweak, reload, (re)search, tweak, reload, repeat. I started working at 07:30. I worked through lunch. I happened to have a breakthrough at about five minutes ’til 17:00.

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