On Life and Love

*sputter sputter*

I have a 6 GB zip file containing my last two years of data. My laptop is clean and reloaded and fairly lacking in personality.

The file is FUCKING corrupt. “Unexpected end of archive.”

A hex editor revealed that the zip has a valid header and listing of files. Hell, I can browse the goddamn archive in WinRAR.

But I can’t extract anything.

The barf is in some file near the end of the file (I know my music files were the last things to be compressed). But I am not fucking permitted to extract any fucking thing.

*deep breath*

No tool used yet has been able to successfully repair the archive or let me get any of my files, even with the tricks Dr. 7 pulled out of his hat.

Back to searching.

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  • Adam

    Good luck with that one. I made a Norton Ghost hard drive image for a friend once. It turned out to be corrupted so when he actually needed it and re imaged the hard drive, it wouldn’t start up.