On Life and Love

del.icio.us is back!

Not that it went away anywhere other than on this site, but, well, these things happen.

Instead of fighting with Eric Anderson’s Del.icio.us Integrator for WordPress (which decided to stop working suddenly [possibly related to my upgrade to WP 1.5.2]), I’m using del.icio.us’s own
JavaScript method (called linkrolls) of displaying links.

Thusly, I am again displaying links. The way it’s set up is all slick and dynamic and stuff.

Now, if I can just kill the damn PHP error on my archive page…

(Oh, and for completely unrelated linkage, see this. *grin* I feel famous.)


  • Hannah

    Man, everyone here loves del.icio.us. I think I’m going to have to start using it.

  • Lissa

    It’s an awesome, awesome thing. Bookmarks anywhere.

    Now, I still keep bookmarks on my own system for things I visit daily or things I don’t want publicly visible, but the majority of my linkage is in del.icio.us now.