Yesterday’s run went amazingly well, although my legs are tightening up again. I need to take breaks from work every couple of hours and stretch my calves.

I wrapped up my 5 km just as WO was finishing his stint (I ran with him while he was there), at around 47 minutes. We were talking and chatting so much that I couldn’t believe I was actually done with my 25 laps when he finished.

Today’s weight-lifting went really well also. I did weightless sumo squats in my office before heading down to the SRC. Those are going to be killer once I get some weight on them–I felt it all in my inner thighs (from holding my knees out), quads, and hips, which is exactly what I want targeted, as those feel like my weak points.

  • Sumo squats: 18 @ 0 lb (no bar)
  • Bench press: 9 @ 30 lb
  • Chest dips: 8 @ 110 lb
  • Tricep dips: 20+ @ 140 lb (definitely underestimated my strength there)
  • Lat pulldown: 14 @ 168 lb (+ one notch)
  • Shoulder press: 11 @ 15 lb
  • Anterior tibialis: 10 lb (didn’t count reps, but they were higher than 12)

I think that once I max out on the lat pulldown machine (which is only a couple more 12 lb increases), I’ll move to assisted pullups. Those happen to be on the same machine as the dips, which makes those three exercises well-ordered.

Failure?! Was ist das?

I started the one set to failure method today, as well as changing around some exercises. Things went pretty well, although I wasn’t able to really do a superset with the bench press and dips since the assisted dip machine is on the other end of the building. I didn’t start the squats today because I want another day or two to practice my form.

  • Leg press: 14 @ 60 lb (+10 lb)
  • Bench press: 12 @ 25 lb
  • Erect dips (not leaning forward): 8 @ 110 lbs (since this is an assisted machine, it’s 173 lbs [bodyweight] – 110 lbs assistance = 63 lbs of resistance)
  • Lat pulldown: 9 @ 168 lb
  • Shoulder press: 14 @ 10 lb
  • Anterior tibialis: 12/10 @ 10 lb

I’m keeping the weight fairly light on the shin exercise (and not going to failure), and I didn’t do the forward-leaning dips, so most of that worked my chest and shoulders (rather than the triceps), much like the bench press. I did the lat pulldown after the shoulder press due to some 6-set dudes using the machine for cable crosses.

I finally found the stretch I need for my hips–basically, it’s a yoga pidgeon pose (see about midway down this page). Feels wonderful.

I also mixed up my first whey shake in quite a while. Unfortunately, it’s 522 calories for a 12-ounce shake (made with soy milk, and includes banana and two scoops of whey powder [40 g protein]), which utterly kills dinner plans, but I’ll bump up the caloric intake on days I workout to something like 1900 calories instead of my usual 1500 or 1600.

Next time (Thursday), I start squatting, add the second set of dips, and wait more patiently for the lat pulldown machine.

Home again, home again.

I went home for part of this past weekend. Not too much interesting happened other than getting to say hi, but I had a disappointing discussion with the Old Man about weight lifting.

It was good to see everyone, though, and driving seven hours within 24 hours didn’t phase me at all.

On Saturday night, WO and I went to a local coffeehouse to see Whisper Down, a band that consists of three Rose professors (including Dr. McKnuckleberry) and a couple of their wives. They put on an excellent show. Dr. McK can sing, and the band on whole was pretty damn good, skillwise. They chose good songs, and played a good mix of originals and covers that showed off their song writing and playing skills.

Work is fun; I’ve been learning Perl and implementing our redesign of the TSC website. I’ve been working long hours, but I’m having fun doing it. I was very, very resistant to learning Perl; I’ve softened my stance somewhat, as I can see its uses, but I still think it’s a rather icky language. Write once, read never.

Classes resume in a month, and I’m not ready for summer to end. I like working an 8-to-5 job, having real weekends, relaxing after work, and not having to struggle to get in something as simple as regular workouts.

Oh, well. Only two more years of this college thing, right? *grin*