Scariest thing ever.

Dreamhost‘s “Let’s Save Our Environment” “music video”. Jebus, I couldn’t stop laughing at that poor man. Watch it, including the little credits box at the end. I dare you.

Dreamhost is also hosting a Remix Contest related to that video–winner gets free hosting for life. If I had the l33t audio/video skillz, I’d hack that shit up.

In other news, today is my last day at work. I’m also having a new bed delivered to the apartment this afternoon. The summer is coming to an end, but it’s been marvelous.

This mess is for the birds.

Birds who like to eat bugs, preferably.

I just got back from another ride on campus and on the bike path–I don’t think I’ve eaten as many bugs as I did tonight during my last 1.5 years of running on that trail. Combined.

I still like riding, even if I suck at it and sweat a lot and get tired easily. It should be just like running, though: keep working at it and I’ll get better. Now I just need to work on my ability to navigate and take corners and not fall off the damn bike when my stop.

My poor, abused crotch…

Skills I didn’t realize I didn’t have.

So I have this bike. See the pretty bike.

You know how people say that riding a bike is a skill you never lose? I wonder if those people ever went seven or eight years without riding a bike, then tried to hop on one.

Yeah, that was a little scary, particularly on skinny little road bike tires.

The bike’s a little big for me; benefits of being short and stubby, I suppose. I also don’t have a name for it. “Sexy Bike (TM)” is already taken by Mae’s… well, sexy bike.

I took it on campus early this morning (before anyone would be awake on a Saturday to see me) and rode around in the parking lots until I got the hang of riding again (the test was to be able to [however quickly] wipe sweat out of my eye while still moving). Gear shifting is a little different than the bikes I’m used to, as I have to move my hand off the bar to shift, which is also a fun exercise in balance.

The goal is to be able to ride to/from school on days I don’t need my car for transporting people or pizza. Driving a single mile to school just seems utterly ridiculous, and the Old Man said something about such short distances not being good for the car.

So I should probably acquire a helmet and a lock of some sort, as well as figure out where the bike racks are on campus.

Easy, easy

Yesterday’s weight-lifting session went well. I found out that one of the power cages is wide enough for me to do wide-stance squatting. I need to work on moving slower through the squats, but I did two sets with just the bar (10 and 6 reps, I think; I don’t have my papers with me). I’m inching up strength-wise in each exercise, and I’m particularly in love with the sets of dips and pullups.

I got up at 05:00 this morning to do my Friday run. I haven’t had a run that easy in a long time. I probably could have done all three miles without stopping, but I went ahead and walked 200 m at the top of the second and third miles. Very, very nice.

I also started taking the ortho tri-cyclen yesterday morning. No adverse affects that I’ve noticed yet, although I’ve still got my standard morning nausea.

Mae’s family is bringing up a bicycle this afternoon for me. It’s a bike with fairly thin wheels, but I think that if I can manage to ride it, I’ll use it to get to and from school most days–the one-mile in each direction trip from the apartment has got to be some kind of hell on my car, and I can always use the extra exercise.

Pigs, dogs, squirrels…

So I’m working back in the hardware shop now, breaking fixing the internals of laptops and doing reloads.

I was replacing the hard drive in a friend’s laptop, and as I was checking on the status of the file backup from the old drive, I noticed she had some rather funny data. Nothing scary, just something that made me laugh. Travis and I ended up having the following exchange in the shop:

Me: I want to pick on her about it, but that’d be unethical. You can’t pick on people about what you happen to see on their hard drive when backing up their files.
Travis: You can if you know them. Trust me, I pick on a friend of mine all the time.
Me: I dunno. That’s kinda shady. [I’m thinking it’s like hospital records or something, right? You just don’t.]
Travis: Just imagine: [in a loud, boisterous voice] “Hey, Bob! I was reloading your hard drive, and I had no idea you were into bestiality, man! Me too!! Who would have thought we had that in common?!”
Me: *dead*

No, I think I’ll pass on referring to my glimpse of funny content. Like hospital records.