For all the reasons you’re thinking.

I just biked to school using the Unnamed Bike. Yeah, it’s a Saturday, and no, I’m not actually carrying books or anything, but I wanted to get a feel for how long it would take and what the perils would be.

Now, the trip is only one mile going along the main road (Wabash Ave.). But I ain’t stupid and I ain’t trying to get killed, so I’m taking a slightly more circuitous route. It’s not bad in terms of time–I figure I should allot 15 minutes, but it won’t really take that long. When I get more comfortable riding, I’ll probably start going down Wabash.

I get kinda sweaty, though, which sucks.

Now I just need to get a helmet, a light for the bike, and a chain and lock (although I plan to park it in the Thorn office most days).

It’s interesting how many more people are using bikes on campus. Rose isn’t a biker campus–I have yet to find a single bike rack, and find people using random railings and light posts to chain up their bikes. But the gas prices are a wonderful impetus for those of us with bikes.

Besides that, there are the health benefits. My legs are rather tired after tackling The Hill (I’ll have to take a picture of this hill), even on a low speed, and my lungs got a good workout. I’m sure that soon (after several days of riding The Hill every morning) it’ll be nothing, but for now it’s rather daunting.

I don’t know how winter riding will work out (I don’t think it will), but even if I only drive during winter, that’s still a huge reduction in gas costs.

Edit: Biking home went equally well. I got my helmet and a lock/chain combo, although the light that I bought is too big to stay in place around the handlebar. Nevermind. Pretty light.

6 thoughts on “For all the reasons you’re thinking.”

  1. There’s a bike rack by the water tower on the far side of Moench Hall. Yup, one bike rack…

  2. Wow… That’s just pathetic. I’m thinking I have material for a good opinions article for the Thorn there. Geez.

  3. There are also bike racks outside each of the Triplets, and there may still be one in front of Skinner. But, I think Dave is right in that there is only one bike rack near the classroom/fully public buildings.

  4. Yeah, and the res halls that don’t have them outside have them in their basements (like BSB and Percopo). But still…

  5. There is still one in front of Skinner, but it’s kinda full.

  6. You know, I forget that you actually live in Skinner, Imani. *shakes head to clear it* Weird.


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