On Life and Love

Negroid Party #3

For reference: A prequel to Negroid Party #1. Also, Negroid Party #2.

This Negroid Party was perhaps even funnier than the last one, because I knew what to expect. Per last year, we had J. and D. (also known as Echo) come in late as hell and attack the food before even saying hello to anyone.

Munchies, anyone? I remember that fool D. tried to cover his highness with some damn sunglasses last year. No, no.

The star of this show was one particular freshman that Andrea and I got to watch, however.

I gave a tour to his family last year before he actually decided to come to Rose. During the course of the tour, his father started asking how communal the showers on the male floors of the residence halls are. He told me that he didn’t want “those types of perverts [that would enjoy such showers]” near his son. Insert more stuff about “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve,” and similar, and you have for perhaps an overly-professional tour. Fine, whatever.

However, the poor kid is at Rose. The Poor Kid seems as spineless as he did during the tour with his family. And the Poor Kid doesn’t really fit in. But the Poor Kid wants to. He tried weawy, weawy hard last night at the Negroid party.

Per usual, the party split into me and Andrea, the Spades table, and the music folks. The music folks… oh, dear. So Poor Kid starts off with his laptop blaring some music that, evidently, the rest of the crowd wasn’t much up for. So one of them brought out his laptop and blared more bad music. (I swear every song they played was one I change the channel on when I hear it on the radio.) But instead of conceding defeat in musical tastes, Poor Kid leaves his laptop on and blaring. Even though no one but him is listening to it.

So we have a cacophony of music playing. Andrea is growing increasing hostile and I’m attempting to egg her into saying something vicious to him.

Yeah, I’m a bad person. Sue me.

The final straw was the third laptop. Yes, people, two sets of buzzing laptop speakers playing different beats aren’t enough. We need three.

At this point, Andrea actually did say something, but no one listened to her.

Screw that shit. I went ahead and left, particularly since Andrea was becoming hostile towards even me. Hmph.

We only have one more of these parties before we graduate… how am I ever going to bear such a burden?