On Life and Love

Weird moment.

When I went out to Steak n Shake with the Amine Club folks last night (There! I finally publicly admitted that I’m in the Anime Club!), Guy picked up the tab for all 12 of us.

Okay, so I swallow a few of the conclusions I’d reached about Guy, but then comes the part where the rest of us need to chip in for tip. A few people toss cash and change on the table, then everybody just sort of leaves amid chatter and the occasional mention of only using plastic… The next thing I know, WO and I are the only ones of the group left behind, compiling the scattered money into a decent pile and trying to scramble together enough cash and change to make the tip appreciable, which it wasn’t before I dumped out all the quarters I was carrying. It was doubly unfortunate because the service had been relatively amazing this time.

It was one of those moments that made me think about Michael and Jenny (although I do that a lot lately anyway) and becoming the “parents” of a group. Weird moment.


  • Imani

    Actually, it was really awkward for most people because a lot of them don’t carry cash. I was lucky I had a couple bucks on me for a tip. Most of us tip on our plastic. A similar thing happened at ihop a couple weeks before when Keith paid.

  • Imani

    By the way, your Guy link is broken. It has to have the www at the front.

  • Lissa

    The link works fine for me without the www. It just redirects.

    What was interesting was how quickly people left, though. And most of the chatter going on wasn’t about only carrying plastic–you said that, but people were still continuing whatever their previous conversation had been.

    I don’t typically carry cash either, but that doesn’t mean I can’t help make sure that the tip is paid in one fashion or another. It’s the same thing that make WO a leader in your Steak n Shake group even though he doesn’t have a car. *shrug*