On Life and Love

Ding dong, the witch is dead.

Pardon the bit of academic-obsession I’m letting show.

I just had my organic chemistry final this morning. The final was 10 pages of material, not counting the given formulas, comic strip, etc. I went in not the least worried for a few reasons:

  1. My grade in that class is shit, and even this final may not save me.
  2. I studied my ass off for this exam.
  3. I’ve learned what I feel I needed to from the class to progress with my interests in analytical chemistry.
  4. God-fucking-damn, the quarter is almost over!

I let the third exam in the class–which covered nucleophilic substitution and elimination reactions–thoroughly pillage me, and spent the weekend and half-week before the final learning all the material that pwned me on that exam.

So I think I did very well on the nucleophilic substitutions and eliminations on the final. Well, I either did well or I was very consistently and systematically incorrect. Either way, that’s done.

But my fervor for certain topics left me flapping in the breeze on a question about an acid or base catalyzed reaction. There was one other question I had no answer for, but that was it. I even had an answer for the extra credit, although I think it was too easy for me to work (so I probably got it wrong).

But it’s done. Now I can focus on A-chem and NaNoWriMo and preparation for the trip to Arizona (*meep*).

Oh, and it’s cold outside. That sucks. Arizona should be nice and warm…


  • Dulin

    Yeah, is this the first organic chem class you took? I can’t remember. When I took it, I grew to dislike everything about it…

  • Lissa

    Yup, this was the first. Ugh. I am mos def not taking the second or third ones.