On Life and Love

April 29th.

One year. Hopefully many more to come.

I made several private (not even password-protected) entries back then for my own edification, one of which might be fun to post (in part, if not whole).

April 29, 2005, 07:19 a.m.:

[…] I just lie down on the couch while he wrote his story for a campus-wide round robin. Or while he tried to. I was tired enough that about 85% of my inhibitions fled, and when lightly probed, I hesitantly spilled why I was so nervous and tense around him–primarily, it’s his intensity and the direction his intensity takes, which is watchful-sexual-devouring. Scary to see that directed at me.

So we chatted quietly and I just enjoyed his smell and the chance to relax while his intensity was turned mostly toward his story.

After he finished, we finagled our way into various cuddly-positions while not-so-idly chatting. We discussed motivations […], goals […], coming out (”Luke’ll shit a brick”, “no one will have seen this coming… except Andrea”), the past (Eddie; [O.]; baggage, wheels, and paid baggage-carriers).

I knew he was moving towards kissing me. I tried to get out of it by mentioning sleep, then mentioning that nervousness o’ mine. Didn’t work. Sweet persistance (the very definition of Gregory, I think).

More of this is a must.

Indeed. Also relevant is my short “Look at me“.