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“Hair Wars”

Dre posted this a little while back, but since her journal is friends-only, I figured I’d point this out. It’s an interesting and friendly discussion on black hair, particularly talking about natural vs. chemically/heat processed. The “friendly” part is the second most important aspect of the video — there tends to be a lot of condemnation when it comes to how black women should wear their hair. The most important part, of course, is that this kind of intelligent discussion is taking place. I’ve stopped reading Nappturality forums that tend to devolve into meaningless arrogance and mud slinging.

As I mentioned in Dre’s comments, I question whether using chemicals permanently changes your hair texture (even in new growth). That seems like a genetic trait (and possibly slightly environmental), since the new growth is coming out of the root, untouched by chemicals.

Still, the conversation is nice.