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Shufflin’ on

Getting sleep this weekend made a lot of things clearer for me in terms of where I want to be job-wise.

So I just gave my notice. As of January, I shall no longer be teaching for Charlotte-Meck Schools.

…And I got contact lenses.

The two are unrelated.

More later. Now I go teach.


  • Michael

    Melissa, I absolutely hate how CMS, or really, in this instance, our alma mater has beaten you down. i was so excited for you being a teacher, to the point that I was inspired to maybe do it one day…but that was before the reality of the situation set in. I hate that Harding is going to lose someone so idealistic, passionate, hard-working, and driven, but not as much as I hate that they’re losing someone who’s health and sanity have been ground upon. The teacher deficit in CMS is no longer a mystery to me. I never thought teaching was an easy job, nor did i ever think i understood the situation our teachers were in, but now that I have a little more info, I hate it, and I think it’s great that you are making a decision that will preserve your health, and make you better able to help more people, by keeping you around longer. Also I’m wondering, would it be correct for me to interpret this as a vote of no confidence in Harding and even CMS?

  • Andrew

    I second Michael. I had made it one of my long term goals to become a teacher, but everyone I know who pursue[d] teaching end up disillusioned and fed up with it. It’s terribly depressing, as they are exemplars of exactly what teachers should be.

    I’m coming to a similar conclusion about grad school.

  • Lissa

    “Vote of no confidence” is a big phrase that packs a big punch. And I’m not sure what I’d be voting that I have no confidence in them to do — educate children properly? Retain teachers? Be leaders in innovative education?

    I’ll say I do question their ability to do so. Without going into too many details here (yet?), I’ll say that the environment here among teachers is one of fear and loathing towards certain parties. It’s hard to teach in this kind of environment, and the parties at fault are rather belated in attempting to fix that situation. Attempts to use innovative techniques are squelched by those veteran teachers who don’t wish to change their ways (and there’s a reason I’m tied to using their style — otherwise, I’d just do it anyway) and are not pushed directly by the higher-ups.

  • Barrett

    Lissa, my heartfelt congratulations for having the courage to listen to your heart so early in life. I’m 59 and just now starting to hear what mine says. Bravo for you.

    PS: Pls let me know where you land.

  • Luke

    I’ve got a fold-out couch here in Indy if you need some place to land. 😉

    Take care and I’m sure you’ll find some place where you can strike a balance even if it takes some time.