On Life and Love

“Planetfall” posted!

A new Witches story this week! I present to you the very simply named “Planetfall“:

“Shouldn’t we be moving, Miss Lucia?” Robert asked urgently.

Lucia looked up at him, her pale blue eyes meeting his green ones. “We will go when we go,” she said coldly in a thick accent. Her dirt-smudged face was set.

Robert flinched back slightly, smiled fixed. “O-kay…”

Hardi glanced at Lucia to find Lucia waiting for her gaze. Hardi quirked an eyebrow and didn’t look away.

Robert looked at both of them and cleared his throat nervously.

Next week’s story will be a Transhuman Congress story, and I’d love feedback on what folks would like to see. More Lina? More of the Valkyries? More Chelsea Sears? Harold Chase? Metas? Something new?

My newly freed arm.In other news, I got my cast off on Thursday, and my hand was awesomely icky for about a day. It’s still sadly painful now. None of the pictures we took turned out super-great, but the flaky and crusty skin was the stuff of nightmares (pictured left). I’ll be in a brace for about another week, but have to do exercises to get more than about 10 degrees range of motion going on. Ow.