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    One on One Meetings: How We Do at Big Corp

    One-on-ones. Damn, how do they work? (I swear, that video has provided me with endless amusement.) Go read or re-read the earlier post. Shoo. Several things make one-on-ones rather different here at Big Corp than they were at Skookum: I’m a contractor The “long-term view” is ultimately a question of “How long do we need you?” and “Will I stay that long?” It’s all very amicable and such, but I don’t get things like: company-paid conferences, to attend internal bigwig visits, paid lunches, to meet my boss’s boss, or much internal mobility beyond what I carve out for myself. (Big Corp is very paranoid about contractors thinking they’re employees.) Instead,…

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    Brain Twist: .NET MVC 3, Entity Framework 4.1, and TDD

    Talk about taking a large bite. In the interests of pushing my .NET knowledge, I began migrating the Geist character sheet project that I’d started in Django to .NET MVC 3. I hadn’t done MVC in .NET since MVC 1 was beta’d, but hey, MVC is MVC is MVC. Right? So in the interests of making things more interesting and more testable, I decided to dive into the Entity Framework 4. My beginning read of POJOs in Action, along with my previous experience with .netTears–I mean, .netTiers–had me generally familiar with the concepts of entities, contexts, and repositories. Kicker is, POJOs is just a book (and one I’ve barely dived…

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    Tip o’ the Day: eTapestry and NuSOAP 0.9.5

    This is my first usage of NuSoap, and in crafting up my current eTapesty API integration project, I kept getting the following WSDL error: wsdl error: XML error parsing WSDL from https://sna.etapestry.com/v2messaging/service?WSDL on line 1: Not well-formed (invalid token)