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    Full-on Sprain

    So remember when I hurt my ankle the other Sunday? It stopped getting better and started getting worse. Guess I shouldn’t have done those other two runs and the two yoga sessions that week. Out of fear that I might have a small fracture situation, I went to urgent care yesterday. The initial read of the X-ray didn’t show a fracture, so we’re assuming it’s “just” a sprain at this point. Ligaments are creepy. Unfortunately, that means no running, no lower-body weight-lifting, no yoga for at least two weeks. Which is pants. I’m in an aircast at the moment, and that feels so much better. It requires a bit of…

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    Now Mama’s Got Even Newer Shoes

    The Minimuses from Thursday/Friday didn’t work out. They kept rubbing when I walked, although they were better when I ran. I took ’em back on Saturday, tried back on the Brooks PureDrifts, and hopped on the treadmill in the store a longer run than the jaunt I’d given them before… And then nearly got dizzy from my own swimmy pronation.

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    6.25 miles: The Longest Run Evar

    No, really, it’s the longest I’ve ever run. It was painful, and I’m worn out, helped by a big weight-lifting session last night. The first mile, as usual, was a little rough as I tried to find my stride. Miles two and three were pretty smooth, aside from the fact that I’d opted to go downtown. Me not being a car moving 30 mph, I couldn’t really time the light cycles, and often had to stop and wait for a green. Since I’d already been intimidated by the prospect of the run, I wanted the route to be a simple out-and-back, so I didn’t take the “whichever way is green”…

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    Rawr, I’m a Warrior

    I don’t really feel like a warrior. I mostly just feel a little beat up. The Warrior Dash was terrible. It hurt, it was embarrassing, it was gross, it was filthy, and it was wet. I think this is where I’m supposed to swoon and say I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Screw that. Maybe in a year, once I’ve properly trained up and can do 25 weighted pull ups with only my bad arm, but going in after a month of not training was 10 kinds of shenanigans. I flipped the hell out on the first obstacle. Seriously. A measly balance beam took me minutes to cross. I…

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    Getting Back on a Training Schedule

    Back in December I was all like, “Hey, I’m go kinda free-form with this running thing for a while!” That didn’t work so well. I ran… some. I got faster… some. Then came the normal reasons for stopping exercise: hey, got this huge party to plan; the guys are coming over for D & D; I’ll clean house instead; I just need a little bit of relaxation; etc.