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Jingle Jog: Race Report and Future Training

I'm not le tired.In summary: it was awexsome.

Saturday morning, I got up at the butt-crack of dawn and ran in the Jingle Jog, which I’ve mentioned training for before.

I’m out of practice with first-thing-in-the-morning runs these days, so I was up at 06:00 even though the race wasn’t until 08:15. I had about a third a cup of coffee and some yogurt, and spent a little time just waking up–a bit of reading, a bit of writing.

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The Post-5k Training Gap

There are oodles and oodles of beginner’s 5k training programs–I’ve been using Hal Hidgon’s novice plan for the race coming up this Saturday, and I like it, despite the difficulties of running in a neighborhood with no flat stretches at all. I actually have to leave my neighborhood and get chased by a dog to get a half-mile break from the hills. My goal for the race is just to finish it and get a sense of what my race pace would be (especially since I may be facing temperatures in the teens!), but during training I’ve cut 6 full minutes off my 3 mile run time from October.

Of course, I have a whole lot of minutes to cut. I’m running about a 14:00 – 14:50 minute mile, with only one or two very short walk breaks on account of the cold and my asthma.

But what about after the race? I don’t have another 5k lined up, and probably won’t do another during the winter, but I want to keep training. I want to get down to a 10-minute mile, then increase my long runs to be 5-6 miles.

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Running: Now With Hamstrings!

Folks warned me, and I should have listened–5k’s are addictive. About a week after my 5k back in October, I signed up for another 5k on December 11. It’s not a fundraiser and so is more expensive to participate in ($35), but I’m actually using a training program for this one.

The classic Couch-to-5k isn’t a good fit for me–I’d be starting several weeks in, and 30 minutes doesn’t equate to 3 miles for me. Going for a distance-based training program led me to Hal Higdon’s novice 5k routine. Not the most conservative program, but it’s silly to only increase by 10% when you’re starting at 1.5 miles.

I can’t believe how much I love running. How did I ever stop doing this?

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All 5 of Dem There K’s

It was marvelous. It was exhausting. I’m still sore. With everyone’s help, I raised $660 in the Hopebuilders 5k fundraiser. Thank you!

Saturday, at the surprisingly early-feeling 08:00 EST, me, Greg, Scott, Shelton, and Kim gathered in the morning chill. I was already leg-sore from a Jillian Michaels workout Friday night. (I do that workout on mute–something about her manner is so off-putting.)

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