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Now Mama’s Got Even Newer Shoes

The Minimuses from Thursday/Friday didn’t work out. They kept rubbing when I walked, although they were better when I ran.

I took ’em back on Saturday, tried back on the Brooks PureDrifts, and hopped on the treadmill in the store a longer run than the jaunt I’d given them before…

And then nearly got dizzy from my own swimmy pronation.

Unsurprising, I suppose. The Drifts have negligible support, and I’ve been running in conventional shoes for as long as I’ve been running. I suspect the running store people were being kind when they said I only had a slight pronation in my left foot when I run bare, but I’ve never felt that level of pronation when running barefoot. *shudder*

I was pretty set on the 4mm drop idea, though. That part of all of these shoes felt amazing, including in the Minimuses (Minimi?). Given the pronation problem, I tried (again) the firmer, more supporting Brooks PureCadence, and they felt quite good on the treadmill, and quite good on my Sunday run. My legs were sore from squats on Saturday, but I got my time in on the streets. The shoes aren’t nearly as cute as either the Minimuses or the Drifts, though.

Unfortunately, I twisted my ankle in the warmup to my Sunday run. I walked it off and made it through the run, yoga, and errands, but settling down that evening let the pain set it. Today, I’m in an Ace bandage.

We’ll see if I make it out on my run tomorrow.