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New Witches Story: “Interception”

Part seven of The Witches of Ming Ung: “Interception” Here’s a snippet:

“Yeah, sure,” Markos said. “When are you coming home?” he whined. “This place is all big and lonely without you.”

“Markos, it took forever just getting here,” she said. “We’re just getting into the swing of things. It could be a while before I’m set to go.”

Markos’s pout became a frown and Hardi realized she’d protested too much.

His chuckle was forced as he said, “You sure you aren’t enjoying the sights while you’re out there?”

Hardi’s smile was weak. “Well, it is a lovely planet.”

As I mentioned earlier this week, from here until Witches is done, I’ll only be posting Witches stories.

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“Planetfall” posted!

A new Witches story this week! I present to you the very simply named “Planetfall“:

“Shouldn’t we be moving, Miss Lucia?” Robert asked urgently.

Lucia looked up at him, her pale blue eyes meeting his green ones. “We will go when we go,” she said coldly in a thick accent. Her dirt-smudged face was set.

Robert flinched back slightly, smiled fixed. “O-kay…”

Hardi glanced at Lucia to find Lucia waiting for her gaze. Hardi quirked an eyebrow and didn’t look away.

Robert looked at both of them and cleared his throat nervously.

Next week’s story will be a Transhuman Congress story, and I’d love feedback on what folks would like to see. More Lina? More of the Valkyries? More Chelsea Sears? Harold Chase? Metas? Something new?

My newly freed arm.In other news, I got my cast off on Thursday, and my hand was awesomely icky for about a day. It’s still sadly painful now. None of the pictures we took turned out super-great, but the flaky and crusty skin was the stuff of nightmares (pictured left). I’ll be in a brace for about another week, but have to do exercises to get more than about 10 degrees range of motion going on. Ow.

New Witches Story: “Esteemed Relations”

Esteemed Relations” is the fifth piece of the Witches of Ming Ung tale:

“Did you really need to wear that?” Hardi whispered to Robert. “You look like a clown.”

Robert straightened his lavender shirt. “I, my dear, am a peacock in a field of pigeons.” One of the soldiers behind him snorted a laugh. Robert shot him a look, but continued, “I know how station ladies are. I have to stand out from these military types, or I’ll never get… noticed.”

Hardi rolled her eyes and eyed his luggage dubiously as they moved forward in line. She refused to ask what was in the five bags, since the answer might be “more shirts like those.”

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New Witches story: “Blackout”

After entirely too long a hiatus, I have a new Witches story/chapter ready.

There’s no good excuse for the lapse aside from the heartbreak of leaving my job of two years and the stress of starting in a new position. An amicable departure and happy beginning, but stressful nonetheless.

Hardi and Robert’s journey continues in “Blackout“:

“There will be some changes to your travel plans,” Captain Relburn stated. “Given the incident with Ms. Bran, commercial travel obviously isn’t going to work.”

He continued, “To that end, we’re putting you on the J.M.S. Merriweather, bound for Beta. It boards in three quarters of an hour and should get you to Beta in two days.”

“Wow,” Robert said. “Suddenly, we’re high-profile.”

Greg pointed out that these read much more like chapters than a series of shorts, and I agree. So they’re now officially chapters of a serialized… novella, I guess.

“Breached defenses” posted

Back to Witches this week for “Breached defenses“:

Hardi blinked. “I think I’m done here,” she muttered as she stood with her tray. “Have a good day, Dr. Yuk.”

“Robert,” he said around another mouthful of food, “and it really helps if you soften the ‘u’. Make it just a bit more like ‘yook’ than ‘yuck’.”

Hardi looked down at him. “Yuk,” she said, trying it out as he suggested.

“Yup,” he said with a nod. “See, it’s much less interesting that way. You’ll be bored with ‘Yuk’ and onto ‘Robert’ soon.” He grinned impishly.

This is part three of the Witches series.