On Life and Love


My cold is back in force as of late last night, although it had been abating. I don’t know if it’s fatigue and stress (PLC remains a taboo subject for discussion) or if this shit is mutating as I pass it back and forth with WO.

Today we print the last issue of the paper for the year, and we’re going 12 pages instead of our usual 8. This Friday, a big chunk of a PLC project is due (closure is nice, but closures can go away). Saturday I’ll be at the horse races in Louisville. Sunday is the Thorn banquet.

Very, very soon, I am just going to stop moving. I’m going to either stand absolutely still or move forward at a snail’s pace for about a week. In fact, I think my brain may have largely preceeded me in this endeavor, as I am as mentally useless as a box of nails. (Why a box of nails? Fuck if I know.) This doesn’t bode well for finals.

*grump*, *grump*, I know.


  • rackrent

    Poor Lissa, drink lots of tea! Warm tea! It helped me when I was sick.

    p.s. I’m confused, is WO the same person as SO?

  • Lissa

    Oh, dear. Okay, “SO” is an acronym for “Significant Other”, which is a genderless term for a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, whatever. “WO” (“the Weir(d) One”) is my SO.

    Hmm… tea… I like tea… *crazed hunt for tea…* 😛

  • Hannah

    I really like how you give us all very easy “here are what my acronyms mean” explanations with your nice little mouse pointer things, and we’re still all like,



    And Mia, I am totally not picking on you. I too have these problems and cannot figure them out. I’m just glad you ask them for me, so I don’t have to. Way to take one for the team.