Note to self.

Don’t check the project and class grade (now even lower) in your “favorite” class right before going to the presentation of your group project… Silly Lissa.

It’s all on the final at this point. I pass or I fail.

Edit: Presentation done. I think I need to see how much shifting is going to be necessary to get this course into my schedule next term…


Sometimes it’s not stupidity, or ignorance, or shortness of time, or laziness, or lack of energy, or apathy, or antipathy, or a “lack of interpersonal skills”, or immaturity, or incompetence, or arrogance, or any of those other things that makes a team project fail.

Sometimes you just overestimate the ability of your teammates to work independently.

Sometimes it’s just that moment when you realize that you have 6 days and that the other members of you team simply do not have… it. That thing that enables someone to be able to sit and code for hours and produce something that works and compiles and comes close to doing what it needs to do. No questions asked, no chit-chat required; if it doesn’t work, it better fake it convincingly; if you don’t know what it should do, read the specs and interpret; if it bombs, rehash and tinker efficiently until the explosion becomes something pretty enough to glaze over the watchers’ eyes.

Sometimes its just speed. Who can type and code and understand the fastest and produce the most precise and accurate code in their speed? Six days with exams and sleep and work and three other classes isn’t a long period of time.

Sometimes… sometimes everyone does their level best and you still end up with more than your fair share of a project.

Dilemma du jour

Do I spend cash to buy books cheaper online and hurt my immediate car-buying chances (since I’ll have to wait until a couple of weeks into the term to receive my refund check), or do I use the refund check in advance (a nice, nice thing they let us do) in order to get the books (at full-cost) in the bookstore here, but keep a higher likelihood of getting a car over break or shortly thereafter?