Shufflin’ on

Getting sleep this weekend made a lot of things clearer for me in terms of where I want to be job-wise.

So I just gave my notice. As of January, I shall no longer be teaching for Charlotte-Meck Schools.

…And I got contact lenses.

The two are unrelated.

More later. Now I go teach.

And with a quiet exhalation…

Today, my department head asked me how many modifications I was going to make to the test she’d made before I gave it to my students. The administration has been hammering us to do common assessments all year, but I’d been struggling to do PEAK-style tests — which include review questions and “skills” questions — all year. Relooping to help the kiddies and all that.

This week has been very, very rough. I’ve overslept twice (once cause me to be over an hour late; both causing me to be unprepared) and am at my wits end. These past few months have been a special kind of hell. I’ve been trying so very hard, and I think I’m failing at being a good teacher.

With a quiet sigh, I told her that I would just type up the test, but wouldn’t change anything. She smiled and confirmed that we’d checked the little box for doing common assessments. Her rogue element was under control. No crazy, progressive shenanigans this week.

I don’t think she’s realized just how done I am. My health is failing. I’m sleepwalking. Parts of my body are shutting down. My commutes are becoming dangerous due to sleep deprivation.

I’m done. I’m not going to let this kill me.

I’ll probably draft up something more interesting to post in these parts while I’m working at the hospital this weekend (yeah, the second job’s not helping, either). For now, I need to go to sleep so I can wake up when I need to in the morning.


Yesterday was the first time I had exercised in the four weeks since I started working on campus at Harding. Most things “me” had been submerged for the good of teaching.

Except that teaching’s hard. And endless.

But I don’t want to write about teaching here. It takes up enough of my life that I don’t want it to take this space, too.

All sorts of non-teaching things happened in the last month. I went to a club for the first time (dancing is so cathartic). I’ve neglected too many old friends (including one particularly unforgivable lapse).

I’ll write more when my life has more of a sense of balance — when it feels like I’m taking enough time for myself that I can invest some time here.

For now, I’m off to school.

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Tay Zonday

Watch this. And listen to his voice. And listen to his lyrics.

A beautiful song. I think it takes him about 10 seconds to get into a pitch/rhythm I like, but those lyrics make it up for all.

Make a mess when you’re depressed
Wake without a drop of rest
Ace a test and wipe your brow
Pay your credit card somehow

His youtube page is here, and I got a big kick out of “Internet Dream“. In fact, hell, here it is, too:

Ah… Reminds me of Rose. And WO. And Ryan. And Luke. (And all of our mothers!) Damn. Clickity-click.

Some of his other pieces, alas… Not so easy on the ears. That kind of voice is hard to fit into all songs, although I admire his experimentation (and the bravery to put those on the netnet). His lyrics are pretty consistently hot, though.

Others songs of his displaying some amazing talent:

  • Chocolate Rain“: his most famous so far, and I love the lines about [tag]The Bell Curve[/tag]. Sing it, brah!
  • Demons on the Dance Floor“: this song reminds me of a certain friend of mine… Yes, Mama Dre, you know who you are. (The remix is pretty hot, too.)
  • Canon in Z“: Yes, it’s [tag]Pachelbel[/tag]’s, but he tears that mutha up. And provides the sheet music. (Oh, no lyrics.)

For the musicky types, a question: how would you classify his voice? Baritone? Bass?

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