Step Afrika! was hot. T-dawg and I had a blast, and I laughed myself to tears. We don’t see any stepping here at Rose, so it was cool to be reminded that such things do exist outside of movies. The team was good, and included history (perhaps incorrect history — Imma have to check) on stepping. They showed what a typical pledging experience might be like from circa 1985 (which is probably about when they graduated), as well as stepping to spirituals (“Wade in the Water”), and showing how the gum boot dance of South Africa compares with stepping. Educational and hella entertaining? Count me in.

They put on a good show, including bringing some folks up on stage to learn some steps. Turns out that “k” I was worried about didn’t matter at all.

Gettin’ my twist on

Here’s another one for you folks, complete with pictures and links. It’s longer, like 20-something minutes, so I won’t be offended if people skim. I just talk to hear myself talk, I think.


Subject matter:

  1. Hair: teeny-weeny-afros, twists, and locs
  2. “Ugh! You and your feminism!”
  3. Research: misogyny in One Hundred Years of Solitude
  4. Knitting!
  5. Afrika Step!
  6. Role-playing: Victoriana, Palladium, and D & D

Relevant links:

  • The song played is “Silsila Yeh Chahat Ka” from Devdas, which was featured in the 8/20/2006 episode of Bollywood’s Best. I think it’s a beautiful song.
  • Nappturality – A nice forum for information on going natural (or “napptural”). It’s been a healthy source of info for me, once I filter out some of the fluff.
  • The amazing Dre twisted up my hair for me tonight.