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    To mix things up a bit, I’ve done this post as a podcast of sorts, complete with musical intros and outros! I’m afraid I don’t giggle, really (Michael), but I do chuckle once, so for you laugh lovers, you’ll have to catch me in a better mood. Pardon my audio-lousiness. Audacity defeats me. Oh, and you’ll have to use the pop-up player or download for it to work. I dunno what’s wrong with podPress. It was a problem with acronyms/abbreviations. Hee hee… *looks around, tip-toes away*

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    Diagnosis: Depression

    Yes, I’ve been so rude as to not respond to email. No, I haven’t been posting here. Yes, I can barely get out of bed in the mornings. There’s not really much more to say than that. I’m alive, but tired, frustrated, and very likely to take a mallet to the face of anyone who crosses me, most especially my dear WO. (After all, he’s often within arm’s reach.) Oh, and I put out two kitchen fires last night. …Within five minutes of each other. In good news, my phone interview with Teach for America went well, I think. I want more private time than I can get, hence the…