Yodeling at the dinner table

Explaining that reference is worthy of a whole ‘nother podcast, and one that really should have been during Chrimmus break. Unfortunately, it would involve making fun of a very prominent computer scientist that I had the honor of meeting, so it seems inappropriate.

Coincidentally, as inappropriate as yodeling at the dinner table.

This podcast is a rant. I sat at my computer tonight and debated whether to write this or podcast it, and found myself asking one question: which will better convey my exhaustion and frustration? Voice. So here it is. It’s crabby and inappropriate, but here it is. Me yodeling.

Sites referenced:

  1. DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. There doesn’t seem to be much else in the town, but I didn’t get to look around much.
  2. “All I Need Is a Rhyme Zook”, by thelaw
  3. Teach for America – of course

Bad weather? Eh.

So the response on how to handle crappy weather was essentially, “Make sure you plan for bad weather in making it to your destination.”

They also said that if DePauw was closed, they’d call/email me sometime after 08:00 to tell me the interview was canceled.

…It’s a 40 mile drive in (potentially) snow and ice. I won’t be reachable by 08:00; in fact, I will probably have been on the road for an hour already.

Frustrated sigh. We’ll see, I suppose.

Nervous sound here

Tomorrow is my Teach for America interview. I’m nervous and excited.

Very nervous.

But there’s a winter storm warning in effect for this half of the state. I’ve emailed them to find out what’ll happen if travel isn’t feasible or possible, so we’ll see what they say.

I put out my last issue of the paper last week. When asked how it feels (to be done), my response was, “So very good.” Rumor has it, though, that there are big changes in the works already (i.e. for next term). I haven’t been told anything about it officially yet, so I’m being quiet. It’s weird when your barely former minions are conspiring behind your back (and probably have been for some time).

Other than that, I’m keeping busy with thesis work and other research.

In case anyone cares that I haven’t already notified by email, I’ll likely be in Charlotte from the night of February 21 through the end of that weekend. After that, I’m heading to Atlanta to see the sights for a couple of days. Take a tour of Georgia Tech, visit a museum, whatever. If you want to see me, leave a comment.

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  • Home on the Fringe: It’s not about the drinking, Meredith.
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Scrub, scrub, scrub

So the comb coils weren’t working for me. They were too delicate to wash/rinse with the frequency that I need to, given how often I workout. So, I’m fro’ing it again. I’ll let it grow another inch or two, until I can plait it, then start the locing process. I’m sad to need to wait, but I think it’ll go better if I have a more resilient hair style.