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Exploit: Zero Day “Headless Swarm” Landing December 1

So we’ve been working on Exploit: Zero Day for a couple of years now, but I haven’t talked nearly enough about it here. It’s a web-based cyberthriller puzzle game where you play as a hacktivist, uncovering and battling against oppression and exploitation.

*innocent whistle* Totally not the sort of game I’d want to make or play, no…

It’s been in closed alpha for a while, but we’re ready to offer a prelude season of paid story: “Headless Swarm”. For details on the plotline and how it relates to the continued free alpha access, check out the announcement blog post over at FPG.

This is… nerve-wracking. This is only the second game I’ve released commercially. This is maybe the 4th or 5th time I’ve tried to interact with the press on a major news push. We’ll also be taking payments directly on Exploit: Zero Day‘s site, so I have worries about the technicalities and accounting aspects of payment processors, sales tax collection and reporting, sufficiently raucous error reporting, etc.

We’ve got this, though. I’ll feel better when we have (hopefully positive) feedback on the “Headless Swarm” story itself. I won’t mind the occasional (!) 03:00 alert or the hours of emails back and forth with the accountant when it’s for something cool I made.

(And what’s cooler than investigating a drone hacking at the prompting of a strange person named Kilroy-sama?)