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Finally, Some Wedding Relaxation

Within the last week, a few incredible things happened with regards to the wedding:

  1. My stress level dropped by about 50%.
  2. I got my wedding dress.
  3. RSVPs are coming in.
  4. We have a marriage license!
  5. Wedding planning is fun again!

Actually, RSVPs starting coming in last week and are trickling off this week, but we now have People Attending Our Wedding. Which makes this stuff, like, official.

So does the marriage license, which was pleasantly easy to get.

Greg and I took a couple of hours and worked straight through our Checklist o’ Doom (thank you, Knot), making sure we knew where we stood on everything, clearing out irrelevant tasks, and parceling out actionable items between us.

I haven’t slept that well in months, fer skerious.

My wedding dress is another, funnier story. First, my order got lost, resulting in about a month (a month after the dress was supposed to have arrived) of worry and annoyingly slow Etsy conversation with the maker.

The dress was then going to be rushed, but when I didn’t hear from the maker by a couple of days after her ETC (estimated time of completion), more slow conversations ensued. I hate to nag, but, um. You know. Dress. That I paid for.

Finally, it shipped, and better yet, it arrived a day early!

One word: gorgeous.

Two more, though: wrong fabric.

Not a huge deal and I like it, but I did order a particular type of fabric, so with 39 days remaining until the wedding, I asked if some sort of exchange can be worked out. As of right now, if the fabric comes in on time, she’ll make it and ship it, and once I have a tracking number, I’ll ship back the one I have in hand.

It felt a bit like a hostage negotiation, to tell the truth.

So if I get the new dress, awesome, if I don’t, no biggie. We could do the wedding Betazoid-style for all I care at this point.

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